Todd Maisel in York College

Todd Maisel in York College

Todd Maisel, award winner photographer of the New York Daily News, visits York College on March 21, 2013. He gave a speech to the journalism students about his experience as photojournalist and tips in how to take good spot news pictures.

He has been a spot news photographer for over 28 years and has won numerous awards for his work in photography. According to the NY Daily News he was co-chair of the Witness to Tragedy and Recovery 9-11 Memorial Program at Pace University. He also won a Humanitarian Award during the 9-11 incident by saving the life a fire fighter during the collapse of one of the towers.

During his speech he showed the journalism student’s pictures of natural disasters like hurricane Sandy, 9-11, and the earth quake in Haiti. One of the biggest tragedies he has experience was the attacks of 9-11 back in 2001.

“The first thing that is affecting you is the looks on people’s faces, you are focusing in on that and you don’t have to see their bodies to know that there are horrible things going on,” said Todd Maisel.

In the 9-11 tragedy there was a lot of things that he couldn’t believe that were really happening. One of the things that he saw was a body dropping on a firefighter, when he though it was pieces of airplane falling down. 9-11 affected him so much that he suffered from post dramatic stress disorder and told the class that he had horrible nightmares and couldn’t sleep well.

But 9-11 wasn’t the only tragedy that he had deal with, the earth quake in Haiti also made a big impression in his life. “The happiest moment I had in Haiti was when I saw one person alive, which made my day.” Said Maisel while he showed the class the picture he captured of this great moment.

Todd Maisel did not only come to York College to show photos he’s capture. He gave good advice to the students who want to become journalist and proved why being a photojournalist is his passion.

New Generation 10 years together


            On March 17, 2013 the girls from New Generation played a game against the soccer team Revolution, in which New Generation lost 2-3. The girls from New Generation have played together for about 10 years. Most of them started playing soccer in this team since they were 14 years old.

Yuri Giraldo is 23 years old and she is goalie and captain of this team. She use to play in college for the John Jay Bloodhounds, but she had no time to play for both teams. “Soccer has always been my hobby and passion. I use to play for both John Jay Bloodhounds and New Generation at the same time. But, it got too difficult for me to handle because I was a full-time student and I was doing full-time at my job.”

They have to raise money to supply their equipment and to play the Champions League against other teams. For almost 10 years to raise money they promote successful Halloween parties every year. There next game is against the Brooklyn girls in which they are practicing very hard so they can win and move to the next round. New Generation don’t only consider themselves a girl soccer team, they consider themselves as family.

Cuny soccer teams

Welcome to my blog. My blog will contain stories of young Cuny college students who are in soccer teams. I will also be talking about their sports wear and their insight of each game. With the world cup coming up in 2014 it will be interesting to know what other Cuny students have to say and what they expect of their teams in the college soccer league.

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